Nagarjuna’s Om Namo Venakatesaya in Tamil!

Nagarjuna is a superb Devotional hero in Telugu who can be playing the role of Devotee and God with in a film gap. For the movie Shiridi Sai he was seen in Sai Baba role and while it came to Om Namo Venkatesaya he was seen in devotee role yet again.

Now the news here is that Om Namo Venkatesaya has the chance of getting a connection with Tamil people as well as they are interested in Tirupati Balaji from many centuries.

Now this is idea of makers to dub it into Tamil and release it. The film has been titled Brahmanda Nayagan in Tamil. The Tamil version is all set for a grand release on December 29. Nagarjuna will also be promoting this movie over there in Tamil soon.

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