Nagarjuna has started new MANAM ENTERPRISES along with his sons

Not many people have got observed the Manam Enterprises name on the posters of HELLO movie. The producer Nagarjuna of this movie is Nagarjuna and Aside from that Annapurna Studios the name of Manam Enterprises is also tagged over there.

Nagarjuna looks like floating out another banner, though he has been making out films on his own banner of Annapurna Studios banner. According to the new sources Manam Enterprises is own to Nagarjuna and his sons where Annapurna’s revenues will also be shared with other partners and members as well.

Nagarjuna owned Great India Entertainments banner prior to switching completely to Annapurna Studios banner. Great India Entertainment was totally Nagarjuna’s where is brother Venkat also having his own share in Annapurna banner. Nagarjuna earlier used to make movies on GIE due to few issues.

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