Nagarjuna lost his mind and taking such foolish decisions? Fans breathing fire at their KING!

The new buzz in Film Nagar is all about Akkineni Akhil’s new film. The movie with Ram Gopal Varma and Nagarjuna is currently titled as System wherein the news here states that RGV has shot a Short film with Akkineni Akhil.

The young hero is currently under series of plops where in his movies like Akhil and Hello were disasters at the box office. Most expected film Hello from director Vikram Kumar too did not give any positives at the box office. RGV is on the poor track wherein he has zero hits from past one decade.

“Now after knowing this news Nagarjuna fans are not at all happy and they are considering this as a foolish decision from Nagarjuna. They are asking him on twitter that he has lost his mind by taking these kinds of decisions”.

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