Na Peru Surya jukebox hits off with the youth

After a series of movies as a youth appealing mid 20’s young man with big dreams, Allu Arjun took up a role that varied from the lot he chose till now. Na peru surya – Na illu India is a huge hit at the box office with a record of 40 crore collections on the opening day itself.

However, its jukebox is a completely different story. And by that we mean on the positive note. Its jukebox is an even bigger hit with the youth and the tunes so catchy that one can’t resist tapping their feet to them. Vishal and Shekhar have done an incredibly good job in bringing out different genres of music into this movies audio box which brings in a neat medley and nothing too gaudy. The choreography and the music together have appealed to the taste of the youth and are entertainers in terms of the general crowd.

Vishal and Shekhar’s work along with Ramajoggaya Sastry brought a new mix of talent to the already talented and still growing Telugu film industry.