N Shankar suggest Kathi Mahesh give police complaint on Pawan Kalyan fans!

N Shankar the famous tollywood director who gave recent disaster 2 Countries to Sunil is out into the media and put his words in support of Kathti Mahesh he stated that if any Pawan Kalyan fan threatens for the life of Katthi he is there to give police complaint and is going to stand beside Kathi for sure.

We already know about the issues between Kathi mMhesh and Pawan fans that is going viral online. Pawan fans have been sending threatens to Mahesh Kathi and even tried to attack him previously. A program in TV9 went where Producer Ram ki and Mahesh Kathi were seen participating. Meanwhile Shankar got into call and asked Kathi to give police complaint and put this to an and, need not pull it all the way.

” If police doesn’t take care of this i am going to stand beside Kathi Mahesh ” added N Shankar.

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