Mega Bhajana from Naga Shourya will continue after Chalo?

We have seen lot of heroes came out of the Mega compound under the roots of Mega Star Chiranjeevi. Megastar is one top hero where each and every actor from the industry gets impressed and inspired from. Also Mega heroes came with absolute saga with CHIRU and they keep him as their demi god.

After lot of heroes taking help of Chiru to promote their films now comes Naga Shourya who achieved what no one ever thought of Naga Shourya took Chiru to Pre release event of Chalo and from then the movie has grabbed huge numbers in all the way. Nag Shourya is on the great path now Chiru’s phase helped Sourya a lot.

While the movie is a hilarious ride, some movie lovers are also feeling that Mega BHAJANA at Pre release event helped this movie for a greater range. So Sourya will be continuing this Bhajana for sure as he got a super hit after many years.

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