MCA Team successfully ignoring Sai Pallavi? Whats wrong?

The release date of MCA  Middle Class Abbayi is out and the month end is the time fort his movie to come into theaters. Now the bigger discussion about this movie starring Nani and Sai Pallavi is that whole unit of MCA is comfortably sidelining actress Sai Pallavi for all things like promotion.

All the focus was on Bhoomika and Nani, of course The trailer was also showcased only on Bhoomika, Nani but Sai Pallavi had some single dialogue and no elevation for her role at all.

Sai Pallavi is having huge craze in Telugu after buzz of FIDAA that created a lot for Telugu movie lovers. For the long run of MCA Sai Pallavi needs to be there for sure and should give a good perfect space to cover up the things.

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