Director failed to utilize SAI PALLAVI in MCA

FIDAA is what gave bigger margin to Actress Sai Pallavi a all time sensation in Telugu with her Telangana slang and body language the actress nailed the roles into different types. She has had the best roles in her career and actress was called an instant and natural beauty in very lesser days.

Dil Raju is a producer of FIDAa and he brought her back with her second outing ‘MCA’ in Telugu. The chemistry between Sai Pallavi and Nani as Bava-Maradalu is good in this movie but the actress is totally missing in MCA’s second half.

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The director Venu Sree Raam did not utilize her talent like Sekhar Kammula does in Fidaa. What is wrong with Sai Pallavi’s issue as she was not even given a good character in this movie.

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