Marriage date fixed for Shriya Bhupal, Ex girl friend of Akhil Akkineni!

Shriya Bhupal and Akkineni Akhil are supposed to be one good pair in the recent times. After the marriage of Naga Chaitanya brother of Akhil Akkineni the young lad is thought to marry his life long live Shriya Bhupal the fashion designer. But later on things didnot work between these two and they were apart.

After few months passed where Samantha and Naga Chaitanya got married now things looks like changed on the peculiar note. Shriya Bupal is getting married to another guy now and also the marriage is all set for muhurth soon. Both the families of Bride and Bride groom are so happy and together now.

None other than Ram Charan wife Upasana’s cousin Anindith Reddy will be marrying Shriya Bhupal.

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