Manchu Manoj causes stir at Jubilee Hills Pub

Despite his father, brother and sister being on the news for controversies, hero Manchu Manoj had always stayed away pleasing everyone with smile. Now the actor has also followed the same track with the incident reported of late.

As per the latest news, Manoj was seen at a pub called Fat Pigeon at Jubilee Hills last month ago and was noticed creating some disturbance there. Sources say that he visited the pub around 11:30 P.M. which was the time they were about to close. When the staff reduced the sound he reportedly yelled at them for reducing the sound and demanded to increase it.

The Pub owner who was watching the whole scene informed the Jubilee Hills Police about the incident. When the police arrived and questioned Manoj he calmly tried to escape saying that he only requested them to reduce the sound as he was going through a Facebook live. However, they found out the truth when the staff showed them the CCTV footage.

No F.I.R was filed against Manchu Manoj as the pub owner was said to have feared the Manchu hero. But the police noted the incident in their general diaries.

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