Mallika Sherawat sent out of apartment rudely with her boyfriend in Paris

The hot actress Mallika Sherawat is known to Indian movie lovers right from her first film Murder along with Kisser hero Emraan Hashmi. The actress is currently having almost zero offers from the Bollywood and she is living in Paris over now.

The news here comes that the actress along with her boyfriend got evicted from her Paris Apartment in France. The reason is about she is not paying the room rent of 80000 Euros and they got rudely sent out of the house.

The Land lord’s lawyer claimed that Mallika and her boy friend were able to pay the rent easily but wontedly they are escaping from this. Mallika was tear gassed, attacked and robbed last year in France where her lawyer claims these two did not pay rent as a protest for what happened to them last year.

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