Mahesh Kathi vs Pawan fans had FINAL END? We cant trust Mahesh Kathi !!

After the saga of Pawan Kalyan fans vs Mahesh Kathi for about 4 months the recent hours has got a new deal for not putting any negative remarks on Pawan Kalyan and on any other guy for that instance. Mahesh Kathi was seen getting attacked by few unknown people instances where he claimed them as Pawan Kalyan fans who targeted him.

After he tried to register a complaint on those unknown people other fans of Pawan Kalyan like Kalyan Dileep Sunkara got a special appeal and took the things down and made an apology through them on behalf of Janasena people and Pawan Kalyan fans. Mahesh Kathi too promised he will not create any ruckus once again and will conclude this chapter here itself.

PK fans also tweeted a photo with Kathi Mahesh sending a feeler that it is all over, now but we cant just believe Mahesh Kathi who earlier promised to be silent and once again started this issue on television and on Twitter. SO let’s see how many days he is going to hold it this time.

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