Mahesh Kathi you are a Joker-Kona Venkat breaths fire

“Some Jokers are taking the silence of @PawanKalyan for granted… don’t….”Wrote Kona Venkat on his twitter page calling Kathi Mahesh a Joker now. This is a kind of bigger step by Kona Venkat stating that Mahesh Kathi is doing so nonsense and being a Joker in all cases.

Kona did not though take the name of Kathi Mahesh he posted out serious norms and this irked the twitter people in no time. Kona Venkat is known as a very close friend and family relative of Pawan Kalyan.

Their bondage is generally displayed a lot of times This time KONA came in to warn Kathi Mahesh indirectly and said no one should take the silence of Pawan Kalyan for granted at all. Kona Venkat has got a lot of support from Janasena people and Pawan Kalyan fans after this kind of tweet he made.

After his comments vent viral on social media Kathi Mahesh respond strongly in his own way and warned that ” Each word used against me towards my character assassination will only bring Pawan Kalyan’s political wipeout nearer. Be warned !”.

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