Mahesh Babu’s Uncle Padmalaya Ram Babu no more

Super Star Mahesh Babu’s uncle Sakhamuri Ram Babu passed away the other day where in Popularity of him is famously known as Padmalaya Ram Babu in industry. He used to be big head to take care of Padmalaya Studios place which is own for Ghattamaneni family.

Ram Babu is also personal Manager to Mahesh during the starting days of his career. He also produced a film long back with hero, brother of Mahesh Ramesh Babu. The film did not go better any way. Any film personalities extended their condolences to Ram Babu’s family.

The last rite are currently going on in Hyderabad right now. Mahesh Babu went into serious depression after knowing what happened to his favorite uncle. Mahesh and he had some good bondage as well. Our website pour’s deep condolences to the family.

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