Lakshmi Manchu trolls Amith Shah on twitter over Gujarat election 99 seats

“Found this funny.. Amith Shah asked for 150 seats out of 182 in Gujarat. Gujju people gave him 99 after deducting 28% GST. 182 * 28%= 51, 150-51=99…” Wrote Lakshmi Manchu on her twitter page today teasing Amith Shah and considering the result of Gujarat Election.

After the GST effect the seats of Gujarat are pretty much down and this is what a kind of strong alarming symbol for BJP in their own strong state show casing almost a lost.

This took a strong point to everyone and they are now trolling the BJP high command in all the possible ways. Lakshmi Manchu is now giving her best trolls to BJP people and out of which she said Amith Shah should think of this. Gujarat and Himachal were won by BJP.

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