Know about Gulf laws and why Sridevi’s body is not coming yet

We have been knowing about the new gulf laws and serious autopsy norms from Dubai centers to know about how things are going to be done in Dubai post the news with media.

Now the strong sources from Dubai stated us that Sridevi’s death issue is going so long just because police are considering the various reasons under various sections as well “Dubai laws are very strict and they apply serious punishments for whoever does the job into too bad situations so not even the own KING of Dubai has the chance to put his words or make his move during this” stated a source from Dubai.

Sridevi’s death was first stated as Cardiac arrest but later on, the actress death was changed as Accidental Drowning. Also, his husband and kids mobiles were taken into the custody of Police and they are finding the traces of Sridevi’s death. A detailed investigation will go in Dubai if things are suspected so the laws are so strict and one should understand the real reason. So things might go complicated now.

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