Kathi Mahesh Walkout from studio after asking about his mother in live debate

Here comes some new update on Kathi Mahesh, They guy who spoke about Pawan Kalyan and Poonam kaur this morning he was seen walking out of the studio of Maha News studio today.

A guy named Vivek upcoming director in Tollywood was seen at the Maha news studio and was asked some shocking questions to Kathi Mahesh and Mahesh is unable to answer them. He just walked out of that show and warned that he is going to show and put remarks on that channel and that guy Vivek asked the background of Mahesh’s mother where did she came from and blah blah. This took irk for Mahesh and he was seen walking out of the program unconditionally.

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Fans of Pawan Kalyan praised Vivek that he is the only one who managed to skip out Kathi Mahesh out of the Studio and this never happened ever in any kind of a show. From today morning with the same outfit Kathi Mahesh was seen in lot of programs held by various TV channels but now here comes Vivek who seriously managed Kathi out of the show.

Pawan Vs Mahesh saga: Poonam Kaur talks about Kathi Mahesh’s mother on Twitter

The Saga of Katthi Mahesh Versus Poonam Kaur and Pawan Kalyan , His fans is going viral on social media and main stream media now.Here came some serious replies from both sides where Pawan Kalyan ans are raising ttheir voice against to Katthi mahesh and his attidue when he accused Kalyan all about Poonam Kaur’s affair with him.The last nigh Vivek a assistant director questioned Mahesh Kathi to tell about the back ground of his starting with his mother where Mahesh went off theMahaa news studio. Poonam kaur reacted to this and psoted her reaction on twitter .ki”Who ever this is you are not going to degrade any ones mother ! I sincerely request ! Plz” said when Some one tagged Mahesh katthi and said this lines. Poonam dont want anyone to bring out Mother of any one’s side and that is not at all a decency style.

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