Kathi Mahesh got attacked by Pawan Kalyan fans at Kondapur, Hyderabad!

In the current hot Breaking news Kathi Mahesh has got attacked by Pawan Kalyan fans at Kondapur area in Hyderabad few minutes back. Few people naming themselves as Pawan Kalyan fans attacked Kathi mahesh with Eggs and few other items over there. The people are yet to be identified as Pawan Kalyan fans or not.

Currently the media is saying them as Strangers but who will attack Kathi Mahesh than Kalyan fans will do? The OU JAC just now announced and declared they are going to break in a protest in Hyderabad condemning this attack over Kathi Mahesh. Here comes the time where Kathi Mahesh is going to use his Dalit card may be tomorrow.

The bigger issue is now going on in media lets see what happens now.