Kathi Mahesh giving promotions to Agnyaathavaasi, Team is so happy

The interesting rumor on social media is going on that YSRCP looks like made a blunder mistake encouraging Kathi Mahesh against the Pawan Kalyan and now they are facing problem all the way. Kathi Mahesh is said to be receiving some inputs from YSRCP now.

Mahesh already spilled lot of negativity on Pwan Kalyan through his tweets an even today he posted lot negative comments on Pawan and Poonam Kaur’s relationship. Mahesh was supposed to give positives to YSRCP but he is not even doing the same, YSRCP feels Mahesh is giving free publicity to Agnyaathavaasi movie whih is nearing the release. Promotions for Agnyaathavaasi are not on but Mahesh has been giving Kalyan name on social media and main stream media.

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So that Agnyaathavaasi will have an interesting promotional quota this time. Looks like team of Agnyaathaaasi are so happy to see Mahesh giving free publicity to their film.

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