Kathi Mahesh Defamation Suit against Mega (Konidela) Productions

Looks like Kathi Mahesh leaving no stone to continue his attack on Mega Family, The Critic who blindly believes  “Freedom Of speech” which constitution gave to the public to heights now ready to file a Defamation case against Ram Charan “Konidela Production”.

When an upcoming actress Sunitha in a news channel discussion stated that “Kathi Mahesh tried to sexually harass her and also said she had enough proofs for the same, to control the damage done to him this film Analyst and critic tweeted that he will file a defamation case against her if she could not show the proofs and asked her to file case on him so that police will reveal the truth.

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Till here everything is fine because both victim and accused are fighting against each other but this smart critic Kathi Mahesh also involving Mega family production house ‘Konidela Production’ because he is strongly believing that Mega family instigated the upcoming actress Sunitha to do this because of his previous acts against Mega star and Power star.

Need to wait how far this issue will lead in near future.

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