Kathi Mahesh caught Red Handedly!

The name Kathi Mahesh is well known to the Two States Telugu people, Being a film critic and the one who made his mark in Bigg Boss reality show as well few months back was into news all the way because of Pawan Kalyan. He always keep criticizing the political style of Power Star which is not in proper way hurting Pawan fans big time.

The controversy between Pawan fans and Mahesh is going so far but now a video of Kathi Mahesh is doing hulchul on social media. In a previous interview Mahesh is the one who shouted that “Ask Pawan Kalyan if he has the guts to rule out his own caste and say “Naaku Caste sambandham ledu Kaapu votes naaku voddu” ani cheppamanandi ” is what he said and Pawan did the same few days back in Vizag meet.

“No one ever confine me to Kaapu and see me as Kaapu vote bank” said Pawan in vizag. When asked about the same Kathi Mahesh responded in a wrong way “There is no fool here to believe that if Pawan says he is not into caste politics” This takes Mahesh Katthi has got caught red-handedly.

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