KASABA Controversy, Mammootty comes out finally and talks on Parvathi Menon

We have already reported about how the film KASABA is making issues in Malayalam these days. After the Mammootty’s new film created controversy for degrading a woman with various dialogues in the film actress Parvathy of Bangalore days fame went so serious and condemned the words that used to degrade a woman in the film.

Parvathy questioned this first and she got a lot of criticism from the fans of Malayalam Megastar Mammootty. Fans couldn’t digest Parvathy’s comments on the growing misogyny in Malayalam movies.

The online trolling went out into abusive things where Mammootty was into onboard and stated his words and trying to stop his fans from abusing the girl. Parvathy filed the complaint on 23-year-old Mammootty fan and he was arrested too. So finally Mammootty came out and asked his fans to stop abusing her.

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