Kamal Hassan vs his wife Gauthami, Big issue in Tamil politics

Actor, Politician Kamal Hassan is known for his being in live in relationships and more than 2 marriages. Kamal Hassan recently entered into the political vendetta. The Tamil Nadu politics have been discussing the same from the past few weeks and interesting things are being out regarding the same.

Gauthami the famous actress who is also one of the wives of Kamal Hassan is creating some issues to him now. Gauthami is demanding her dues as a costume designer who worked for few Kamal Hassan films under his production house. Also for other producers as well she is demanding the same.

She claims that she was actively discouraged from pursuing any other profession and hence, designing costumes for Kamal Haasan’s movies was the only option left at that time. So she wants some remuneration for the same. Kamal also responded on the same and stated that Raj Kamal international the production house people of his are going to take care of this.

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