Jeevitha Rajasekhar press meet, Counter to Sri Reddy and POW Sandhya

During a recent TV Debate in MAHAA news channel on April 14th a female socialist POW Sandhya dragged Hero Rajashekar and his wife Jeevitha saying that these two are involved in casting couch issue and made many girls from hostels are the victims of these two.

Jeevitha Rajashekar arranged a press meet today and in her words “POW Sandhya always had a bad impression on film industry, she spoke an absolute non sense and did not provide any evidence. People know well about us what we are how we behaved these many years. Don’t think that you can escape just because you have a news channel with you. We are going to initiate civil and criminal case against POW Sandhya and Mahaa news channel Murthy. I am a member of the central censor board and it is below my dignity to speak with a C Grade channel and make false debates every day and that is the reason I called you for the press meet”.

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She was very furious on this and told that Jeevitha Rajashekar will always be Jeevitha Rajasekhar and will not tolerate if this continues.

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