Indra and Nayak sentiment for Pawan Kalyan’s Agnathavasi

Hero Megastar Chiranjeevi has some unique and great connection towards the Varanasi Region aka Kasi. The actor got his wonderful blockbuster at this place with the movie Indra where Major portion of film got shot at here. The second half o Indra was in Rayalaseema.

Also Ram Charan the another Mega hero and son of Megastar did his best at Kasi for the movie Nayak of his. The interval bang was planned at Kasi all the way for this film and it was also a decent hit at that times.

Now Pawan Kalyan’s new film Agnathavasi was shot in Kasi for few scenes and also the first look poster got released from the Holy Ghats of Ganga. This shows how much Kasi sentiment is working for Mega family. Looks like Agnathavasi will be following the super hit sentiment of Indra and Nayak movies for sure.

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