Indian Celebrities started #LetHerRestInPeace hashtag, First time ever in the country for Sridevi

Now its time for Celebrities to come forward and put the support to Sridevi’s soul and they have been pushing her words towards Sridevi in Twitter #LetHerRestinPeace. They have been giving 100% support to her family and the new trend has got started on Social media. The twitter people are involved into this.

Right from Allu arjun to lot of celebrities like Kajal, Nani, Ran Daggubati, Pranitha, Mehreen, Tapsi, Sumanth, Sushanth lot of celebs took out on social media and have been raising their words against the speculations that are destroying the image of Sridevi.

“My Humble request to the media, social platform content providers, and people at large. There is a lot of wrong speculation going on. I request each and every one to respect the dead. Thank you ! #LetHerRestInPeace ” wrote Allu arjun.

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“The body of work she has left behind is incomparable with few actors in Indian cinematic history. She attained a pinnacle of glory truly destined for people who belong with the Gods. Let’s not trivialize her memory by tarnishing a true legend. #LetHerRestinPeace ” wrote Rana Daggubati.

The Dubai Public Prosecutor’s Office says Sridevi case closed. It has decided to hand over the body of the Indian actress to her relatives following the investigation of her death, says Dubai Media Office.

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