All India Chiranjeevi Fans giving 1 Crore to Soldiers of this country

Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s and the fans of the Mega family were known as Mega fans. The mega fans gave their ultimate support to Soldiers of India who are striving hard for all of us the Citizens of India.

The other day Mega fans of All India held a meeting near hailand in Guntur and they decided to donate about 1 crore to the Soldiers of this country which will ensure the education of Soldiers who are fighting for the country. They will soon meet union minister Nirmala Seetharaman and would donate the said amount.

Mega Fans took the resolution to conduct the number of blood camps and to start chalivendralu in the upcoming summer season. The same association collected about 3 lakh rupees during the Gujarat Earth Quake while Chiranjeevi is known for his Blood banks helping.

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