Hyper Aadi’s punches on Mohan Babu about 95% politicians are rascals

Hyper Aadi the famous Jabarddasth comedian is known for the own punch dialogues and huge TRP for ETV and Mallemala entertainments. Hyper Aadi for sure is the big time USP for the ETV now and Jabardasth show as well. Here comes some interesting news from Aadi who posted a indirect counter to Mohan Babu the famous box office hero of Telugu cinema.

Manchu Mohan Babu during his India Today Channel South Conclave 2018 discussions stated about 95% of politicians are RASCALS. Aadi made a counter to Mohan Babu and said that ” What did you say Mohanubhava? 95% are rascals? This country is not a Monarch country but people have the right to elect their own leaders and don’t call them as rascals as it indirectly shows that voters are rascals ” wrote Hyper Aadi in his new twitter post.

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