How Venkatesh can increase collections of Agnyaathavaasi!

The result of Agnyaathavaasi movie can never be ignored by many of the Pawan Kalyan fans. The movie gave a kind of PULI 2 issues to Pawan fans and they are under bigger nightmare as of now.

Pawan Kalyan’s new film Agnyaathavaasi will be having a new guest Venkatesh in the cameo role for this film. But how far this can help the collections of this film. They are adding Venkatesh’s scenes from January 14. Also, they released Venkatesh and Pawan’s combo pics which are impressing the fans.

But the trade people said only a few people like fans will repeat for this movie. So this might result in little bit increase of collections but surely not a drastic change will come for this movie at all.

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