HOTTEST heroine is called IRON LEG now

Lavanya Tripathi is currently facing some huge storm after her new movie Intelligent went into vain. She glamoured herself on great norms for this movie but the actress faced a big disaster with this film. She has been trying the best motto to put things together into next range but Lavanya purely failed in giving a gig.

The actress suffered from the super plop of Intelligent and her earlier movies too did not give her a much-needed break. She looks like vexed with this kind of results and she is stopping herself to the greater extent. Mister, Radha, Vunnadi Okate Zindagi and Yuddham Sharanam are those films which shocked her last year, Mister and Yuddham Sharanam ended up as the biggest flops in the careers of Varun Tej and Naga Chaitanya respectively.

Heroines Lavanya is now considered as IRON LEG and she is not going to be called for any movie chances currently. What do you people think? Is she the real Iron leg? Or not, Give your opinion in comments.

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