Heroine fights with her mother in Hyderabad Hotel before everyone, Says SHUT UP MOM!

Though heroines shine or fall. There is few limit for them. When the heroine crosses her age of 30+ years she will not be getting huge offers like she did earlier. There is a new interesting gossip about one such heroine who crossed 30 years of age. Earlier it used to be like when a heroine loses her age she will be doing her marriage with top class businessman and turn herself into housewife immediately.

But those days are gone. Few heroines are doing a good work even after 35years of age. But the parents of these starlets are worried about this career. One of the heroine’s who entered industry during her teenage and is going good till date got a bigger fight with her mother recently. Her mother’s question is simple, “When will you get married? How long you will do this vacationing?”and the actress is not happy with this question and asked her mom to SHUT UP.

This issue happened at a famous Hyderabad hotel and heroine before everyone warned her mother not to give any dictator ship for her.