HERO VIJAY’s film with Murugadoss undershoot during BUNDH in Kollywood, Turns controversial

The Digital Service providers vs Producers Bund has been going on in Kollywood currently. Right from the date of 16th, they are takin in the Bundh things. But to the surprise of everyone, None other than hero Vijay is caught doing the shooting for his film.

Murugadoss directorial Vijay62 team is doing shoot at Chennai Victoria central hall. The news came out onto flash in Social media and it looked like a bigger problem in Industry. They are posing a lot of questions on Vijay and his dedication and love towards cinema.

They have been asking him for a lot of questions and they are questioning him about is it justice? SS Dorai Raj responded on this and stated that March 16th all the shots are stopped but one two movies are yet to complete the shoot so they gave permission for 4 films.

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