Hari Teja posts video about her fight with a woman at Mahanati theatre, Breaks down emotionally

Actress cum anchor Hari Teja who shot to fame with A Aa and Bigg Boss, has uploaded a video today about her fight with a woman at a theatre while watching Mahanati with her family. The actress broke down emotionally while explaining the whole situation.

“Due to a busy schedule I went to watch Mahanati recently along with my family. During the interval I shifted to my father’s seat as my mother wanted me to sit beside her. Then the woman who was sitting right beside us asked not to shift the places as her daughter seems to be not comfortable sitting beside my father. When I said he is my father and can be seen as one, the lady stated. ‘We are not from film industry to sit beside anyone any we are not okay with it.’ I didn’t have a word and could not control my temper after listening to her statement. The argument went on and on and eventually became worse,’ expressed Hari Teja in her video.

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‘You could have brought all the seats before coming to theatre. It is no way respectful to think that one can have right to treat movie artists in such a way,” added Hari Teja. The actress further added that she has come to the position after a lot of hard work and struggles.

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