What happened to Jai Lava Kusa director Bobby?

The film Jai Lava Kusa directed by Bobby targeted about 86 crores at the box office after its release where in it has got 10 crore loss as it gained and stirred at 77crores. Still the film was a super hit in various places as the makers controlled the selling rates of the movie.

The bigger discussion here is that what is wrong with director KS Ravindra Aka Bobby who was not seen these days with any new projects, he is the one who carved out such a brilliant character for Jr NTR to showcase his performance.

He did not sign a single film to any of the top heroes or producers as of now. There was rumor that he is making up with Allu Arjun but it did not work out at all. Looks like Bobby is taking his own time and picking up films and the scripts he is interested now.

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