God is a Mother F***r Ram Gopal Varma angry on GOD after Sridevi’s Death

” Thana Kallaloki chusthe ekkada prema antha bayatapadipothundi .. ani pakkaki choosi siggu padutho bayatapadakunda cover chesevadini ” This is what Ram Gopal Varma stated all about his favorite heroine Sridevi’s death.

Ramu posted series of tweets on Sridevi as he is the one big admirer of her. He basically posted his feelings on twitter and gave his strong message to Boney Kapoor to be strong.

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“I think God is just an arrogant M F and once in a while needlessly shows off his power by abruptly killing who we think to be super humans like Bruce Lee and Sridevi. I so wish Bruce will give him two kicks one for himself and one for Sridevi1, I HATE GOD FOR KILLING SRIDEVI and I HATE SRIDEVI FOR DYING and here is the reason, Never hated God more than today.  The bastard just extinguished the brightest of lights my heart goes out to Boney Kapoor” Says Ram Gopal Varma Lashing at all the way on the GOD and the one’s who is reason for Sridevi’s death.

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