FIDAA combo is back, Dil Raju, Varun Tej and Sashi Kumar

FIDAA movie success proved Varun Tej that he has some interesting career to build in Telugu cinema. The career of Varun Tej is so grand now and he has few bigger lineup for coming 2 years as of now. He is currently busy for the shooting of Tholi Prema movie.

And he wants to comeup with Sankalp Reddy the director of Ghaazi after this shoot is done. Varun Tej also signed up another project before this comes to his ground. He was seen reuniting himself with Dil Raju the Fidaa Producer.

A debut short film director name Sashi Kumar Mutthuluri ‘s script got loved by Varun Tej where in he started acclaiming the work of his and script as well. Both went into a bounded script few days back and Varun signed the movie.

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