Female producer asked to sleep with her for Movie offer-Phani reveals shocking secret

We know the kind of casting couch that go in this country, Heroines and female artists are asked to sleep with producer or director for getting some good positive life for their career and build a positive vibration all the way. But here comes some serious concern when the casting couch is being distributed to Male artists as well.

Phani the famous Jabardasth comedian is into the news today as he says a famous female producer asked him to sleep with her for getting a movie offer. Phani in his recent interview gave insights of his career and took this topic as well. When asked about Casting couch issue in Industry.

“There are a lot of issues like this but one should not restrict this to only the kind of Woman artists. We are also facing some issues. A female producer asked me to sleep with her as she is not happy with her husband and she wants to live with him, She had this big production house so I was offered a movie over there” He responded.

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