Famous TV Channel head booked Ghazal Srinivas into this Video problems?

We have been seeing about what is new and wrong with Ghazal Srinivas from the past few days where now the City court of Hyderabad too gave him a huge shock rejecting the bail plea of this singer. The magistrate today rejected the Bail petition filed by Srinivas and he got arrested on January 2nd for the sexual harassment of a girl in the office of Save Temples Organisation.

He was asked to remand into judicial custody till January 12th. Now here comes some shocking news on Social Media that a famous Telugu states TV Channel head wantedly put Ghazal Srinivas into this jeopardy because of their earlier revenge issues.

“The TV Channel head and Ghazal had some financial issues where Ghazal answered so lame and serious last week. Then after few days that TV head took the chance to capture both that girl and Ghazal together with a camera and he convinced a girl to use the same against Ghazal Srinivas” a source close to Ghazal Srinivas acclaimed.

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