Difference between Madhavi Latha & Sri Reddy in Casting couch Issue

Actress Madhavi Latha (Nachavule Fame) is the first person who raised the Casting couch issue and she also clearly revealed the exact situation in Film Industry and the problem that she faced because of few Industry people but never ever targeted a single person. She also told that every industry will have this type of issues but as Film industry is so popular people are targeting them.

Though many tried to influence her she never allowed space for them and intelligently escaped from them. She clearly mentioned that it is the individual choice to respond. The way she speak in the news channels and social media is very decent that no one will point at her.

After few months Sri Reddy started giving interviews to few YouTube channels was thoroughly enjoyed by youth because her vulgar and double meaning dialogues attracted few of them who watch YouTube interviews and slowly the TRP based news channel TV9 opened their doors for this so called actress and with this she got a big license to create huge hype irrespective of any topic and slowly she raised the casting couch issue.

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Sri Reddy who used to post Seductive pics and videos in her social media till a month before now came to fight for woman and against casting couch. She herself saying that she is happy to die and will continue this protest looks bit confusing. Many analysts opine that this is a big drama and no one is ready to believe this.

With today’s silent protest by Madhavi latha against Sri Reddy vulgar comments against Pawan Kalyan she won the hearts of his Fans and common audience. By this Madhavi Latha emerged as a Real heroine with her decent moves.

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