Deadpool 2 Telugu version leaves no one; Punch Lines on Mahesh, Pawan and Sri Reddy

It has been three weeks since Avengers: Infinity War hit the screens and the fever is still on across the country. And now one of the most awaited Hollywood movies of the year, Deadpool 2 has been released today and has opened to fantastic reports allover.

Getting into the details, the Telugu version of Deadpool 2 trailer had already showed us that it is going to be a fun ride in Telugu as well with the humorous dialogues related to Telugu movies and locality. Now those who have watched Deadpool 2 in Telugu are in love with the dialogues because of the one-lines on our star heroes Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan and recent burning issue Sri Reddy in the Telugu Film Industry.

Marvel Studios are on a roll scoring back to back hits starting from Thor: Ragnarok to Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds is playing Deadpool and David Leitch who directed cults like V for Vendetta has helmed the megaphone.

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