Chiranjeevi gave warning to Sai Dharam Tej on Intelligent and Vinayak!

Sai Dharam Tej and V V Vinayak are busy making out film INTELLIGENT all the way and team is planning it for February month release. Sai Dharam Tej wants some stunning hit film to make things go positive once again. The films like Thikka, Winner and Nakshatram have been disasters for Sai where he is looking out for a positive film of his style.

The hero is keeping all beliefs in Vinayak. Where he sources said Sai Dharam Tej got a warning from Chiranjeevi on Intelligent movie and Vinayak’s taking. “Chiru warned Sai Dharam Tej to wrap this movie under lesser budget as Vinayak is going to spend the huge amount for a simple scene.

Chiru had this experience during the Khaidi no 150 shooting and he gave the some suggestion to Sai for not going to believe Vinayak for Promotions too but have to look on his own ” said the source.

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