Chal Mohan Ranga Trailer Talk: NOT so Great, But a decent love story

The trailer of Chal Mohan Ranga starring Nithin and Mega Akash got released few minutes back. During the pre release function In Hyderabad today the makers of Chal Mohan Ranga released the trailer at event. Pawan Kalyan was seen as chief guest for the program where in Nithin too spoke too emotional at the pre release function.

Directed by Krishna Chaitanya and Story by Trivikram Srinvias this movie has got to be a settled one for Nithin. The trailer looked with a love story gone abroad where in Dialogues were having pure touch of Trivikram. Over all eh trailer is NOT so great and lets see how Krishna Chaitanya will hit it at the box office.

Watch – CMN Movie Trailer

Megha Akash seen in female lead in the movie and Thaman gave music fro the film.


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