Bunny vs Mahesh Kathi started about Pawan Kalyan

Bunny Vasu has been the crucial and interesting guy in Mega Family who takes care of a interesting  Arts thing in Hyderabad. He is now onto Mahesh Kathi and posted his answer about ruthless comments by Mahesh.

Mahesh stated that “Edavadam Tappu kadu, Chethakaka cheppukoleka edavadam tatppu. Ee vishayam ippudu cheppi Allu Aravind ni bayataki lagadam inka pedda tappu”.

In reply to this Bunny vasu created an answer to Mahesh .. ” Dont put in some problems into Mega family. We are one and we are having the clarity about what Pawan Kalyan said on us. Ulliki leni Durada Katthiki enduku” is what Bunny Vasu posted seriously on Social Media. Thus, the bigger war has started between Bunny and Mahesh Kathi. Let’s see how it goes so far.

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