Bithiri Sathi’s trolling on Channels over Bath Tub of Sridevi’s death

The Sridevi’s Demise has got some sensational propaganda all over the media wherein not everyone is happy to see how Media brutally behaved not great with the Sridevi’s grief after her demise. Media took overreaction on Bathtub issue and they even tried to enter into the Bathtub to calculate the length and issues of her body and how could she befit in there.

Bithiri Sathi the famous comedy anchor, news maker has come out with a new idea to troll all the media challenges on a the same issue. Comedian Bithiri Sathi who turned News Reporter for Teenmaar News took potshots at media which has been focusing too much on the bathtub in which Sridevi was drowned.

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He named it as ‘Thotti Investigation Reporting’. The new programme of reporting from Bithiri Sathi is so awesome and he made lot fun of Media who reacted over to Sridevi’s demise.

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