Biopic on EX Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha

Tamil Nadu Ex-Late Chief Minister Jayalalitha died a few months back and the things are not going positive for the political lines great in Tamil Nadu after that. AIADMK split into 2, 3 groups after her death was in the mysteries around her death are still going on shocking.

Many have tried to make a biopic about her and her life and now the project seemed on to right track after these many years. Tamil director Ravi Ratnam has formally announced he is making a biopic on J. Jayalalithaa and he would reveal the name of actress soon.

He gave the interview to leading English daily and he put the words of his out this way. He stated that the movie will have the life journey of Jayalalitha right from her childhood, being the popular actress and then to superb sensational political star. He also stated that he did a lot of research before the film.

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