Bigg Boss Season 2 Exclusive: Contestants List Revealed

Bigg Boss happended to be the most successful TV show in Telugu and season 2 is all set to arrive in July. Last time young tiger NTR stole the show with his exceptional hosting skills and this time natural star Nani will be replacing him.

Meanwhile few of the contestants participating in Bigg Boss season 2 have been revealed and this time extra fun is guaranteed. Hero Tarun who is struggling to score a hit has entered the club and Tejaswi Madivada of Ice cream fame is in as well. Singer Geetha Madhuri who shot to fame with songs like ‘Darlingey’ and ‘Pakka Local’, heroine Gajala and former star heroine Raasi are said to be in the list.

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Anchor Shyamala and couple of other celebrities would join the show and the official team of Bigg Boss have already announced that even there is a chance for common man in season 2. Audiences are eagerly waiting for the show and the full list of contestants will be revealed by next month.

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