Bigg Boss Fans displeased with Star Maa, Comparisons on social media between Nani and NTR

Bigg Boss is undoubtedly the most awaited TV show in Telugu as the first season went on to become a huge success. Star Maa TV viewers across the Telugu states are now eagerly waiting for season 2 which is all set to arrive in July.

Coming to the news, Star Maa has officially announced that Natural Star Nani will host Bigg Boss 2 and has also released a promo featuring the young hero. Fans and TV viewers who completely owned Bigg Boss during the first season seem to be displeased with the TV channel’s choice. Comments and memes on social media about Nani hosting Bigg Boss 2 are quite negative and netizens have been comparing him to NTR.

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Young tiger NTR had completely nailed as a perfect host of Bigg Boss 1 and many were expecting him to continue the role. But the latest news seem to have disappointed them a bit. Nevertheless Nani is known for his comedy timing on and off screen. Let us hope he would carry forward the show with his own style of entertainment.

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