BIG WAR: Agnyaathavaasi vs Jai Simha, Who is Sankranthi winner?

The Sankranthi season has got some heavy and stunning package dramas here at Tollywood box office. Both films Agnyaathavaasi and Jai Simha are currently under the festival mood. Pawan Kalyan’s film Agnyathavaasi carried a kind of negative impact from the premiers and the things went no good for this film at all.

Now Balayya’s Jai Simha got released today and this movie too is getting some rave reviews. Considerably 120 crores is pre release business of Agnyathavaasi and 38 crore is for Jai Simha. Which means Both movies need to register atleast 120, 38 crore respectively to get the break even. Considering the poor output of Agnyaathavaasi and Jai Simha looks like both movies can’t make it work out in any possible way. Agnyathavaasi makers plan to delete 12 minutes footage from movie to control damage and  7minutes 26 sec new footage added including victory Venkatesh episode on January 14th.

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Balayya’s performances is highlight for Jai Simha along with Nayanatara but the story went in vein. On the other side Agnyaathavaasi has got the nerve of Comedy and power packed performance from Pawan Kalyan. Both movies are NOT Sankranthi winners while GANG of Surya is getting some good reviews today. Lets discuss about the winner atleast from a week by today.

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