Baahubali 2 a case study in IIM Ahmedabad, Rare achievement!

After achieving what all it can bring on now Baahubali film is into IIM Ahmedabad too. The premier B School IIM Ahmedabad has got this case study.

The students of Contemporary film industry a business perspective are going to learn the power of sequel and how a sequel can de-risk the film as the marketing concept. Professor Bharathan Kandasami told the media that he is the one introducing Baahubali 2 as the case study in the new academic year as the sequel is going to not risk the movie.

He also said There gone a research on prequels as well in Stanford university kind of places but for the first time, a Sequel is being under a case study like never before. Baahubali 2 topped Google India’s search trends and was also the top Twitter trend in 2017.

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