Astrology sentiment of 6 making Dil Raju vs Nagarjuna?

Whatever might happen, be it Nagarjuna or some other guy who want to convince him but Dil Raju the famous producer is so interested and keen only to manage the things out of his box.

Dil raju at any cost wanted to release 6 total films this year before December 31st 2018 and that is why he looks so serious about the release of Middle Class Abbayi-MCA. He is also insisting that MCA will be a double hattrick film under his banner and is serious about this.

He is ready to have a clash with HELLO movie indirectly with Nagarjuna but never wanted to come out of the sentiment. Dil Raju has a priest whom he believes a lot and he has got info from there that according to Raju’s astrology 6 movie releases from his banner are showing out LUCK for the coming 2018.

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